Frequently Asked Questions

How often do you visit?

We normally visit once a day to adult, healthy cats. We will visit twice a day to cats who have ‘special needs’ such kittens, cats who need medication twice a day and very elderly or unwell cats. Please note that we do not make visits every other day in the interests of the well-being of your cat. Each visit lasts for about half an hour.

How much do you charge?

We charge £10 per visit except on Christmas, Boxing, New Year’s Day and other bank holidays when we charge £20.

What do you do if my cat becomes ill?

We will contact you if possible and will take your cat to your vet if necessary. We are very experienced in medicating cats and in noticing signs of sickness.

What about my plants?

We will water your houseplants and during the summer, keep an eye on your garden. There may be an extra charge if you have a great many pots and if there’s a hosepipe ban!

Orca & Otto